Choose from an array of tours to kickstart your Singapore adventure!



Also known as the "I-want-to-see-everything" tour,  this makes the most out of your time here in Singapore. Discover the 3 main cultural landmarks of Singapore – Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam within 4 hours. Walk through streets lined with conservation shophouses, visit places of worship and eat like a local while on this tour.


For Architectural fans

If you’re crazy over interesting architecture, this tour is for you. Singapore has many buildings and this tour will bring you to award-winning structures designed by talented architects like Daniel Libeskind, Ole Scheeren and more, including the work of Moshe Safdie – the Marina Bay Sands.


For nature loveRS


Suitable for all nature lovers, stand in awe of the myriad of flowers and plants at Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay. Visit the tree that Prince William and Princess Katherine planted in 2012 and explore the various conservatories.


For creative minds 

Unleash your inner artist and come on the tour through the National Gallery that houses a huge collection of modern art from Singapore and South East Asian artists. Visit the majestic City Hall Chambers where the Japanese surrendered to the British in September 1945, lock yourself in the former holding cells of the Supreme Court, or find yourself in the Chief Justice’s Office and Courtrooms, and marvel at the circular bookshelves in the Law Library.


for hipster wanderers

Though graffiti is not allowed in Singapore, street art or murals are legal if you abide by the laws governing it – which is to ask for permission from the owners of the walls of their buildings and the relevant authorities before you start to unleash your inner artist! Over the past few years, many budding local and foreign street artists have descended on our walls, making bold art pieces. Let’s go on a hunt for some of the best works in Singapore!


The fun doesn't stop there!

All the above tours are specially curated personalised private tours unlike the usual tour packages. For any special requests of places of interest not mentioned above, or if you would like to combine everything, a “master plan” that incorporates your must-see places will be worked out for you!